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With the Book of Shadows in Zankou's possession, the Charmed Ones take refuge at Magic School. Zankou and his henchmen take control of the manor. Zankou opens the Nexus and takes in the Shadow -- but the sisters cast a spell and expel it from him. Agent Keyes from Homeland Security meets with Inspector Sheridan. She tells him of all the unsolved cases connected to the Halliwells. He tells her that the Halliwells have supernatural powers. A number of magical beings come to Magic School and, with their help, the sisters launch a raid on the manor. Zankou is briefly turned into a pig, but reverses the spell. Phoebe tries to take the Book, but it repels her. Zankou throws a potion and steals Phoebe's power. The sisters enter a vampire cave and Piper starts blasting. The Vampire Queen comes out and the sisters ask for her help preventing Zankou from controlling the underworld. The sisters orb to the attic -- but the vampire queen betrays them; Zankou had got to her first. He throws a potion and steals Piper's power.
Sisters Astral Projecting

The girls mislead Zankou with their astral selves and return to their bodies (Click for animation)

The sisters go to Victor and leave Chris and Wyatt with him, along with the deeds to the manor and P3. They believe they may not survive their fight with Zankou. Sheridan enters the manor wearing a miniature camera. She intends to catch the sisters using their powers. She finds no one home and goes to the attic. Keyes tells her to get out, but she finds Zankou, who kills her with an energy ball. Keyes calls for a SWAT team. Darryl and Sheila are picking up their kids from school when Leo flashes in. Leo tells Darryl of the impending SWAT invasion and asks him to stall. Sheila is reluctant to let him help, but Darryl promises her that it will be the last time. Zankou breaches the defenses of Magic School and flames in. The sisters flee and scatter. Zankou throws a potion at Paige, but nothing happens -- the sisters have astrally projected and their images disappear. The sisters are really in the manor, and Zankou isn't. They say the Power of Three spell and regain control of the book just as Keyes arrives with the SWAT team.
Zankou Being Vanquished

The Halliwell Sisters vanquishing Zankou

The sisters try to open the Nexus, but Zankou blasts them and takes in the Shadow. The sisters say a spell to vanquish the Shadow, destroying both it and Zankou in a massive explosion.

The Charmed Ones glamouring (Click for animation)

The SWAT team storms the manor, but finds no one. Keyes had seen the Halliwells through the window and thinks that they are dead. As a crowd gathers outside the manor, three young women pull Leo aside. Once they're alone, they reveal themselves to be the Charmed Ones in glamours. They escaped just before the explosion, and see this as a chance to start normal, demon-free lives. They resume their glamours and give one to Leo as well. As they walk away, Phoebe spots Darryl on the Manor steps; the two exchange knowing glances. Darryl then proceeds to walk down the steps for the very last time. The Manor door is then magically closed, by Prue Halliwell.

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