Solar Eclipse
Event information

An astromonical event when the moon passes between the earth and the sun

"The curse, the eclipse. Until a night within a day. Isn't that what Brooke said? That's what gonna break the curse."
Phoebe to Piper.[src]

An Solar Eclipse is an astronomical event where the moon passes between the earth and the sun, thus (partially) blocking the sun. During this time, curses can be broken and the Elders cannot look down on earth from the Heavens.


When the Boss cursed Brooke and Christopher, he told Brooke the only way to break the curse was to give in to his demands or when there would be "a night within a day". Phoebe Halliwell later realized that this meant the spell could be broken during an eclipse. Along with Christopher, the sisters were able to stop Brooke from giving in. The curse was then broken when Brooke and Christopher kissed, thus vanquishing the Boss.

Meanwhile, Phoebe also theorized that during the eclipe, the Elders would not be able to look down, as people on earth could not look up. The sisters rushed to organize a secret ceremony between Piper and Leo during the eclipe, though Leo was taken away after Cole revealed their plans to the Triad, who in turn informed the Elders.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • According to the Handfasting entry in the Book of Shadows, the ceremony can be performed best when both the sun and the moon are present, which includes an eclipse.
  • The phenomena was mentioned and used in the novel, Mystic Knoll.