The Sol'agath was a magical clan of witches mentioned in the novel Dark Vengeance.[1]

The Charmed Ones' ancestors were part of the clan three thousand years ago. They were to be virtuous and peaceful by nature.


Ancient BattleEdit

There once were two magical clans, the benevolent Sol'agath and the malevolent Dor'chacht, that coexisted on Earth until the Dor'chacht challenged the Sol'agath for magical supremacy in the mortal realm 3000 years ago. The virtuous Sol'agaths won by reflecting the Dor'chacht's destructive magic. Their descendants have lived among humans using magic to do good ever since.

If they had lost, they could have chosen between ascending to a higher plane of benevolent existence or becoming mortal. The Dor'chacht were empowered by evil, and their loss would have resulted in their loss of human form and being banished to the Underworld.

Before the Sol'agath struck the winning blow, the Dor'chacht chief sorcerer transferred the powers of his clan's three strongest warriors into objects so the Higher Powers wouldn't be able to find them, then put the warriors' essences to sleep until they reincarnated in the 20th century. And as long as their magic was not released until the battle was rejoined, the Higher Powers would be unable to touch the warriors even if they were found. The rest of the Dor'chacht has been suspended in time and space waiting for their ultimate fate to be decided.

Rejoined BattleEdit

The Sol'agath eventually culminated in the Charmed Ones—the most powerful force of good. The warriors, Kevin Graves, Karen Ashley and Kate Dustin, found them and secretly drained their powers before the day of the battle, making their magic ineffectual so the Dor'chacht can challenge them to combat under the ancient rules of engagement without fear of reprisal. If the Charmed Ones lost, they and all who have Sol'agath blood would lose their powers forever.

They eventually came out victorious and the Dor'chacht were banished to the Underworld where they were meant to be.

Book of ShadowsEdit

And should the Chosen Three of Evil be awakened
the Champions of virtue must defend
the light of ages past or be forsaken
as the Warriors of Darkness were before them.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • According to Kevin, the Sol'agath witches had brown hair while the Dor'chacht had blond.