The Snake River Conspiracy


The Snake River Conspiracy at P3 on Halloween.

Snake River Conspiracy is an American alternative rock band from the San Francisco area, fronted by Martina Axén (of Drain STH). They gained popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They performed their hit single "Breed" from their album "Sonic Jihad" in the Season 3 episode "All Halliwell's Eve". The band has since broken up and the members have gone their separate ways.


  • Martina Axén: Lead Vocals
  • Bobby Hewitt: Drummer (also member of another band that preformed at P3, Orgy)
  • Neil Taylor (original drummer)
  • Eric Hendrikx (guitarist)
  • Fab Fernandez (guitarist)
  • Tobey Torres (original lead singer)
  • Mitch Doran (lead guitar)
  • Geoff Tyson (Original Lead Guitar for the Sonic Jihad Tour)
  • Ivo Ivanov (Original Keyboard Player for the Sonic Jihad Tour)
  • Scott Engelter (Scotty Sorry)
  • Jason Slater
  • Jay Lane
  • Rob Patterson
  • Leo Larson
  • Matt Lucich


  • Vulcan (EP) 1999
  • Sonic Jihad (LP) 2000
  • Smells Like Teen Punk Meat (Single) 2001

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