04x03 - Smoke Secretion
Smoke Secretion
Power Information

Generates a smoke that can be used to suffocate or poison victims






Offensive Power


Smoke Secretion is the ability to generate smoke from either the mouth or the hands. The smoke can be used to suffocate targets or can be toxic in nature.


  • Furies use this power to suffocate mortals to death, though when it is used on a witch with unexpressed anger, it will gradually turns them into a Fury themselves.
  • Smoker Demons also possess this ability, secreting a toxic smoke that poisons their victims.
  • The demon Kodzoman is described as possessing the ability to blow mystical smoke that can gather negative emotions.
  • Aidel first used this ability when he was captured by Valen. He was able to temporarly distract the demon, though he was knocked out soon after.

List of UsersEdit


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