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Power Information

Teleports through a swirling cloud of smoke


Being summoned or called back to the bottle




Teleportation power


Smoke-Whirling is a teleportation power primarily used by Genies when being summoned or called back to their bottles. It is a combination of Smoking and Whirling. When a Genie uses this power, they are surrounded by a swirling cloud of smoke. Phoebe once activated this power by tipping over the bottle.

The color of this smoke is dependent on the Genie and his or her respective appearance. When Jinny was dressed in a pink Genie outfit, the smoke was pink as well. However, when Phoebe Halliwell became a Genie, her outfit was blue and so was the smoke. Richard and the first Genie both teleported through a simple, grey smoke.

List of UsersEdit

Through spell, potion, power stealing etc.


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