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Sand Francisco Dreamin'

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Troy Blendell

"I got her number."

Slappy was a being manifested from Paige's dreams, based on her favorite clown puppet. Slappy is seen as a creepy toy that many people find unfit for a child.


Dreams caged

The dream manifestations trapped.

Slappy materialized when too much dream dust was knocked into the sisters and their dreams manifested in the real world. As a "human", Slappy was very humorous and playful. Of all three dream manifestations, he was the least threatening. Although he was part of Paige, he showed none of her personality traits and even mocked the baby shower set up she spent so much time working on. Slappy represented the fact that Paige never got a baby shower because her birth was kept a secret. He vanished from reality when Paige confronted her problems in her dreams.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Other Powers
  • Life Link: The ability to share one's life with another. As Paige's dream manifestation, Slappy could not be harmed without harming herself in the process.

Notes and TriviaEdit


Slappy appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the series.

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