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Charmed Again, Part 2

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Wendy Phillips

"They came in a swirl of bright white lights just like, angels."
—Sister Agnes about the night Paige was left to her.[src]

Sister Agnes was a nun who worked at the church in San Francisco, California, where Paige Matthews was left in 1977.


Patty and Sam Leave PaigeEdit

On August 2,1977, Sister Agnes was visited by Patty Halliwell and her Whitelighter Sam who orbed in front of her. She thought she was witnessing two angels descend from Heaven.

Patty and Sam pleaded with Agnes to find a safe home for their baby. Their only request was that she be named with a P, and that when she eventually came to ask she would be told the reason why they put her up for adoption. She later gave the baby to Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, who named her "Paige".

Paige visits Sister AgnesEdit

Paige: "You might not remember me. I probably changed a little bit since you last saw me on August 2nd 1977. Does that ring any bells?"
Sister Agnes: "Oh, dear Lord."
— Sister Agnes when she realizes who Paige is.[src]

In 2001, when Paige was searching for answers about who she really was, she met Sister Agnes at the church and asked her about her parents. Sister Agnes recalled that night with Paige and told her that her parents said she was in great danger and they had give her up to protect her.

Patty's version of that night as she said to Piper and Phoebe was that during that time witches and Whitelighters having children was unheard of. Patty and Sam were worried that the Elders would find out, intervene and deny the girls, including Paige, their powers.



Sister Agnes appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

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