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The ability to teleport in form of a shimmer


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Teleportation Power

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Shimmering is an energy-based method of teleportation that allows users to appear at and disappear from a desired location. When teleporting, the user shimmers, distorting the space around them for a moment. This is a common power among demons.

Shimmering allows demons to travel anywhere in the world, as well to different planes or timelines, such as time loops.[1] They can also shimmer with other beings as long as there is physical contact.

Demons can be vanquished while in mid-shimmer if one is fast enough; Phoebe Halliwell was once able to vanquish several demons this way while possessing demonic powers and Piper blew up Dumain as he tried to escape.[2]

List of Users



Notes and Trivia

Vicus shimmering 7x20

Vicus' unique method of Shimmering.

  • During an interview between Julie and Cole Turner, Julie states that she can shimmer 30 miles in 2 seconds.
  • After Orbing, Shimmering is the most often seen method of teleportation.
  • Klea and Vicus possess a variant to Shimmering, which leaves the eyes glowing for a moment. Vicus could also leave his smile.
  • The Charmed Ones always discussed how their powers were connected to their emotions and shimmering may also be such. When Phoebe accused Cole of being evil when he killed Janna, he was distraught, and his shimmering was slower. When Cole and Phoebe were chasing Paige, Cole was blasted off a catwalk by Shax, and he shimmered out very quickly.[5]


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