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Artifact Information

A magical staff used by leprechauns


Used to cast spells and summon rainbows


A Shillelagh (sail éille) is a magical artifact used by Leprechauns. They appear to be a conduit of their magic, allowing the wielder to access the rainbow path.


The Charmed Ones were gifted two shillelaghs in gratitude from the Leprechauns; one from the Seamus Fitzpatrick by the Head Councilman, and another from Riley. One was taken back and the other was last seen in Trickery Treat when Paige used it to summon O'Brien and two other leprechauns. It was key in realizing the Charmed Ones forgiveness for their actions in Gone with the Witches.


Banging a Shillelagh on the floor will summon a Leprechaun, as seen in Spin City. It was used to free Paige, Phoebe and Leo from Spider Demon Chris' web. It can be done without hands, as Paige was capable to use telekinetic orbing in order to summon Riley.

Chanting the spell will create a rainbow, allowing the magical being to traverse the rainbow through the Leprechaun world.


To Call For a Rainbow-roadEdit

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat!
  • translation: May the road of light rise!

This spell can also be used to summon a leprechaun.

In Real LifeEdit

It's a club-like object that was carried as a defense against muggers and thieves in days of olde. Also known as a Cudgel and still very popular today, they are kept in homes and cars throughout Ireland for the same purpose. Shillelaghs are named after a village in Ireland.

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