Sheldon Winters
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Married to Victoria Winters

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Trickery Treat


Sheldon Winters was a Bully Ghost; a type of ghosts who usually pick and prey on weaker ones to strengthen themselves.


Sheldon killed his wife Victoria and himself to keep her spirit under his control. When Victoria finally learnt that he committed suicide, he could no longer hold her against her will and she was free to leave him and move on.

Blaming Fiona Dunne, he tried to get her back to his mansion to strangle her there, thus forcing her to spend eternity with him.

The ghost was vanquished when the Charmed Ones found and destroyed his bones with a potion.


  • Sheldon is the only ghost vanquished in the series in this manner, although it has been attempted before.


Sheldon Winters has only appeared in 1 novel throughout the franchise.

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