Sharon Grant is a character in the novel Hurricane Hex. She is Paige Matthews's friend from college, with a competitive streak, and married to Ben Grant. She dabs in folk magic with Margaret Olsen before learning her lesson.


Sharon and Paige were roommates in college. They both had a passion for art and loved to paint. However, Sharon was competitive by nature, and Paige stopped painting in her presence to protect their friendship.

She eventually married Ben Grant and relocated to Florida, where she worked at a restaurant for a brief period. The isolated home and Ben's absence due to his job ate away at her, even though she could have used the time to continue her art. After meeting with neighbor Margaret Olsen, she began learning magic, such as insect repellent talismans and healing potions. She became so invested in her practice that it caused a strain in her marriage. Ben, wanting to make his wife see reason, called Paige over from San Francisco, along with her newfound sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell.

After realizing her husband's plot, she and Margaret cast a spell to make Paige stop meddling in her affairs, inadvertently distracting all three sisters with the spell. When Hurricane George hits her house, the magical artifacts begin to go haywire (plants growing at an immense pace, insects drawn into the house instead of the opposite, etc.). Learning her mistakes, she begins helping Margaret undo their magic, with a little help from the Charmed Ones. With relationship counseling from the sisters, Sharon and Ben work through their differences. Sharon gives up practicing magic and returns to her passion of art.

Physical descriptionEdit

Sharon has a golden tan to her skin that glows, and a slim build. She has brown eyes and natural sun-bleached highlights in her long blond hair.

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Sharon Grant has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.