Shadow of the Sphinx
Shadow of the sphinx
Ancient Egypt beckons…
Novel Information
Written by

Carla Jablonski

Published by

Simon Spotlight Entertainment

ISBN Number

0-7434-6104-5 / 9780743461047


Season 4

Novel Guide

Dark Vengeance


Something Wiccan This Way Comes


Shadow of the Sphinx is the 16th book of the Charmed novels and is written by Carla Jablonski.

It is set between Season 4 Episode 12 of Lost and Bound and Season 4 Episode 15 of Marry-Go-Round as Phoebe is engaged to Cole for the duration of the novel.


Shifting sands, eternal dust,
unending time moves as it must.
But ancient wisdom works through me,
time is mine—where e'er I be.

Paige Matthews is having a minor identity crisis. She is slowly but surely embracing her long lost sisters' witchy ways, but she doesn't want to overstep her boundaries. After all, she wouldn't ever want to replace Prue Halliwell—even if she could. So Paige considers it a stroke of luck when, one day, her experiments with magic turn her into a cat. Who knew she had a knack for shape-shifting?

One problem: She can't shift herself back. Her sisters inadvertently betray her when they deposit her at a local animal shelter. Suddenly she finds herself the familiar of a cult that worships ancient Egyptian deities, and is catapulted into ancient Egypt! Piper and Phoebe discover the identity of the stray cat and rally a rescue mission, only to discover another cat-woman, also entrapped within a fortress-like sphinx. This kitty is one feline femme fatale, and the sisters are going to have to put human heads together to defeat her!




Magical NotesEdit


Shape-Shifting RitualEdit

Cinnamon sticks
Pour boiling water over a handful of Comfry and Nettles, light candles and look into the flames and concentrate on an animal you picked. Choose an animal you easily identify with for a start: Thinking of the qualities of this animal and sense for these qualities in yourself. Anoint forehead, hands and feet with the infusion. Burn the Cinnamon Stick and recite the spell:
Take what I am
Turn it into what I will be
Animal Power, Animal Me
Animal Energy, Animal Shape
Animal form my body to take.


Return to who you were
Remember who you are
No longer animal -
Become human once more.

To Drive an Enemy AwayEdit

Power of the cat, unite with me,
Send away this enemy.

To Transport Yourself to a Loved OneEdit

Separated by time, separated by space.
Reunite us three, in our sister's current place.'

Transportation SpellEdit

Ancient wise ones link to my will,
My greatest desire now you fulfill.

Translation SpellEdit

Visitor from another land,
We need help to understand.
Let our words now be clear.
When we speak, both far and near.

To Break Out of a Prison CellEdit

Open the doors, open the gate,
This is a crisis, we really can't wait.

To Vanquish the Giant DemonEdit

Creature of chaos, we vanquish thee,
Demon be gone so that good may go free.
Power of Three now vanquish thee,
We will forever be Power of three!"

To Drive Away ScorpionsEdit

Power of the cat, unite with me,
Banish these scorpions to eternity.


  • Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews possess the power to throw Energy Balls in this novel.
  • Cole Turner is incorrectly referred to as Cole Porter.

International TitlesEdit

  • Russian: Tjen' Sfinksa (Shade Sphinx)
  • French: L'ombre du sphinx (The Shadow of the Sphinx)
  • Spanish: La sombra de la esfinge (The Shadow of the Sphinx)

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