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Shadow Manipulation
Power Information

Manipulate shadows to various effects




Offensive Power


Shadow Manipulation is the ability to generate and manipulate shadows for various purposes and effects.


Suffocation and PossessionEdit

The Woogyman, a demon resembling a sentient cloud of smoke, can use its shadowy body to obstruct the airways of its victims, thus slowly suffocating them. Additionally, it can enter its victims to possess or corrupt them.

Shadow ProjectionEdit

The Shadow Demon, an entity resembling a living shadow, can attach itself to the shadow of another beings. It can then be ordered to perform various tasks. While hired by the Triad, Belthazor used the shadow as a messenger. The demon Sykes later used the shadow for similar purposes.

Shadow BlastsEdit


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Main article: Shadow Blasts

Shadow Blasts are powerful blasts or gusts of dark energy that resemble smoke of shadows. The only known being to possess this power is the shadow within the Nexus. Those who take in the Nexus also gain access to this power, such as Leo and Zankou.

List of UsersEdit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This power could be considered a polar opposite to Photokinesis, which is the ability to manipulate light and orbs.

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