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Sense Projection
Power Information

Take away the senses of others


Direct hand




Supportive power


Sense Projection is the ability to take away the senses of other beings and use them for oneself. This power can be used to steal other five senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. It has also been shown used to steal one's voice and even to seal bodyparts like the mouth.



"Yeah, he claimed that some storm drain monsters stole his eyesight and of course the authority's believed he just caught a parasite."
Phoebe to Piper.[src]

Grimlocks use this ability to steal the eyesight of people, preferably young children, so they can see the auras that surround good people. They then use their ability of Aura Choking to strangle people. If Grimlocks get vanquished, then the eyesight they stole will be returned to whoever it was stolen from. [1]

Monkey Totem


The Crone using Phoebe's hearing.

"This totem was created to trap senses, but with my magic I can borrow what's inside here. "
The Crone to the Kazi King.[src]

The Monkey Totem was able to take Phoebe's hearing, Piper's sight and Paige's voice. The Totem then gave their senses to The Crone, which then she was able to see what happens through Piper's sight, although Piper wasn't, and used Paige's voice to sing to Wyatt to get his shield down. She also hear the sisters talking through Phoebe's hearing. As soon as the Crone was vanquished, they all got their senses back almost instantly. [2]

Mr. Monkeyshines

  • Mr. Monkeyshines taking Mrs. Donovan's ability to speak.
  • Mrs. Donovan without a mouth.
Miss Donovan: " He's using it to push his own agenda which is to stifle freedom of speech. "
Mr. Monkeyshines: "Now that's what I call stifling."
Paige: "That is uncalled for. You give her her mouth back now. "
Paige to Mr. Monkeyshines.[src]

Gnomes have also shown the ability to steal people's senses. When Mr. Monkeyshines used this power on Miss Donovan, her mouth was sealed and she was unable to open it. After a reprimand from Paige he waves his hand and unseals her mouth. [3]

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