Selena: "You're making a mistake, I swear I'm not a witch."
Agent Jackman: "Of course you are, Selena, it's in your blood. Your mother was, that makes you one too."
— Selena trying to convince Jackman.[src]

Selena is the daughter of a witch, though it is uncertain if she possesses magic herself. She was hunted by the Witch Hunter Agent Jackman and was placed in a safehouse.


At some point, Agent Jackman became aware of Selena's bloodline and tried to kill her, resulting in her being placed in a safehouse. Knowing he could not get to her on his own, Jackman tricked the Charmed Ones into believing that Selena was a witch hunter. After gaining information of her whereabouts, the sisters orbed into her safehouse, fought off her bodyguards and took Selena. Jackman then attempted to burn her alive, but the sisters found out about his scheme via Darryl Morris and managed to save her.

The sisters later went to court for kidnapping her, and Selena testified for them to return the favor.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Selena claimed that she was not a witch, despite being the daughter of one. However, Jackman noted that it was in her blood. This leaves three possibilities;
    • Selena was lying to Jackman in an attempt to save herself.
    • The magic in her bloodline skipped a generation, as with Helen Jenkins.
    • Selena was not aware of her magic.


Selena appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.


  1. Or at least the daughter of a witch. It is unknown if Serena inherited her magic.

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