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Over the course of the series, the Charmed Ones have revealed their secret to several mortals. These mortals have all agreed to keep their secret safe. Below is a list of mortals who know and keep the sisters' secret.

Season 1Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Person/People Reason
Victor Cheaper Coven 1x03 Thank You For Not Morphing Victor Bennett Has known since Prue was born, confirmed in this episode.
Elliotspencer 1x06 The Wedding from Hell Elliot Spencer Helped the sisters vanquish Hecate and her bridesmaids.
Aviva1 1x07 The Fourth Sister Aviva The sisters helped her from Kali, though she might be a witch herself.
Charmed114 674 1x14 Secrets and Guys Gordan Franklin Prue helped his son, who was a witch, after he got kidnapped.
BrendanRowe1 1x18 When Bad Warlocks Go Good Brendan Rowe The sisters saved him from his Warlock brothers.
Charmed121 539 1x19 Out of Sight Andy Trudeau Prue used her powers to save him from a Grimlock.
DavidOutofSight 1x19 Out of Sight David Hatcher The sisters saved him from the Grimlocks.
Charmed121 007 1x21 Love Hurts Daisy Leo and the Charmed Ones saved her from a Darklighter.

Season 2Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Person/People Reason
WandDestroyed 2x06 That Old Black Magic Kyle Gwydion The sisters helped him vanquish Tuatha.
2x05-Darryl 2x09 Ms. Hellfire Darryl Morris The sisters had to tell him when an assassin tried to kill them.
Bane 2x09 Ms. Hellfire Bane Jessup Learned about magic from Barbas, later kidnapped Prue for help.
Marthabanish 2x11 Reckless Abandon Martha van Lewen The sisters helped her when a ghost haunted her family.

Season 3Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Person/People Reason
Charmed302 645 3x02 Magic Hour Christopher Needed the sisters' help to break a curse put on him.
BrookeWolf 3x02 Magic Hour Brooke Needed the sisters' help to break a curse put on her.
Kate 3x03 Once Upon a Time Kate The sisters helped her save a fairy princess, Thistle, from trolls.
3x12-FranPeters 3x12 Wrestling with Demons Fran Peters The sisters helped her get her son back.
Tom Peters 3x12 Wrestling with Demons Tom Peters Prue stopped him from becoming a demon.
Bolightfeather 3x14 The Good, the Bad and the Cursed Bo Lightfeather Needed the sisters' help to break a curse put on him and his village.
IsabelLightfeather 3x14 The Good, the Bad and the Cursed Isabel Lightfeather Needed the sisters' help to break a curse put on her village.

Season 4Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Person/People Reason
4x01-Cortez 4x01 - 4x02 Charmed Again, Part 1 and 2 Inspector Cortez Wanted to expose the sisters until Leo saved his life.
4x08-Emma 4x08 Black as Cole Emma Helped her find her fiancé's killer and made Cole mortal.
Glen discovers BOS 4x11 Trial by Magic Glen Belland Found the Book of Shadows and learned the truth.
Seelna 4x22 Witch Way Now? Selena The sisters saved her from a Witch Hunter.

Season 5Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Person/People Reason
Charmed501 047 5x01 A Witch's Tail, Part 1 Mylie The sisters helped her become mortal by finding true love.
Craig 5x01 A Witch's Tail, Part 1 Craig Wilson The sisters helped him realize his love for Mylie to save her life.
Charmed504 035 5x04 Siren Song Melissa She was saved from the Siren and learned the truth about magic.
5x13Jessica 5x13 House Call Jessica Found out about magic after Paige trapped her in purgatory.
5x23-SheilaMorris 5x22 Oh My Goddess! Part 1 Sheila Morris Revealed that Darryl had told her prior to this episode.

Season 6Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Person/People Reason
6x2Oscar 6x02 Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 2 Oscar Paige freed him from a curse that had turned him into a dog.
Derekmortal 6x09 Little Monsters Derek The sisters returned his half-manticore son to him.
JasonDean 6x13 Used Karma Jason Dean Broke up with Phoebe after seeing her use magic but kept her secret.
Mr.Right 6x20 A Wrong Day's Journey Into Right Vincent Right Became mortal when he was made real and went into the world.

Season 7Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Person/People Reason
Carly 7x04 Charrrmed! Carly Knew her girlfriend was a witch, Paige told her she was as well.
Kyles First Appearance 7x04 Charrrmed! Kyle Brody Found out the sisters' secret and asked for help with the Avatars.
Harriet Casey 7x05 Styx Feet Under Harriet Casey The sisters saved her from her demonic in-law Sirk.
Paige orbs Darcy home 1 7x18 Little Box of Horrors Darcy Found out about magic when she was kidnapped by Katya.

Season 8Edit


Episode Episode Name Person/People Reason
Charmed803 024 8x03 Run, Piper, Run Maya Holmes The sisters helped clear her from a murder charge.
Murphy1 8x05 Rewitched Agent Murphy Promised to keep the secret in exchange for help in magical cases.
Dex Lawson 8x05 Rewitched Dex Lawson Phoebe revealed herself when she dropped her new identity.
8x09PersonX 8x09 Hulkus Pocus Joe The Charmed Ones saved him from Margoyle's gang of demons.
8x11-069-jenkins 8x11 Mr. & Mrs. Witch Carl and Helen Jenkins Knew magic was in their family and kept the sisters' secret as well.
Charmed814 252 8x13 Repo Manor Henry Mitchell Paige told him that she was a witch after dating for a while.

Season 9Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Person/People Reason
9x06-EliseRothman Issue 6 Morality Bites Back Elise Rothman Phoebe told her the secret in order to get Cal Greene arrested for his crimes.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Criminals Mickey Jackson and David were aware of Prue Halliwell's secret, but they are not counted among the secret keepers due to being enemies.
  • Dr. Griffiths originally agreed to keep the sisters' secret, but ultimately revealed them to the public news. When time reset, he was murdered by the demon, Shax.

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