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Seasons of The Witch Vol1 Book Cover
Novel Information
Written by Emma Harrison and Laura J. Burns
Published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment
ISBN Number 0689865457
Timeline Season 4
Novel Guide
The Warren Witches

Fall, winter and spring are the settings for three stories with each of the three witches, Phoebe, Paige and Piper, as the protagonist.

Synopsis Edit

The Witching Hours

Samhain: 10/31, or Halloween—traditionally a time to reflect, a time of divination, and a time to honor the ancients. But Phoebe's plans to communicate with her ancestors are cut short when she's recruited to help reunite a star-crossed, magical couple.

Yule: 12/22, or the winter solstice, and the longest night of the year. And when Paige enters an all-night party at a local club, she finds herself at the center of an evil plot to bring about permanent midnight.

Imbolic: 2/1, a time when the earliest hopes for spring are fostered and seeds are planted for dreams of the coming summer months. But Piper can't look toward the future—and having children with Leo—when her half-whitelighter, half-witch sister's powers are on the fritz. Is a hybrid baby destined for doom?

Notes Edit

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