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The promo's of the three main actresses; Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan for the seventh season.

The seventh season of Charmed aired from September 2004 to May 2005 and consists of 22 episodes. It was released on DVD in 2007 as a box-set with no extras. It was re-released as part of a complete collection in 2008.


Follow the Charmed Ones, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Paige (Rose McGowan), on their suspenseful adventures of the supernatural! In Charmed: The Complete Seventh Season, the magical Halliwell sisters are called to travel back in time, protect the Innocents from the deadly demon Sarpedon, and keep Zankou from claiming the powerful Book of Shadows. Join the Charmed Ones in the ultimate battle of impending doom when the almighty Avatars from ancient Egypt plot to vanquish anyone who threatens their Utopian transformation of the world! Charmed: The Complete Seventh Season is filled with pure excitement, romance and mystical thrills.

The Power of Three has never been better!


Charmed Opening Season 700:49

Charmed Opening Season 7

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Charmed DVD S7 R1

DVD cover art (region 1).

Charmed DVD S7 R2

DVD cover art (region 2).

  • The DVD box-set of this season was released on the sixth of February 2007 in region 1 (The U.S., Canada) and for all other regions in June, July, September or December 2007. It was not released in Japan and as with previous seasons it doesn't include any bonus features.
  • The DVD box-set for region 2 is different then the box-set for region 1. Region 2 features a different picture of Holly Marie Combs, is colored yellow, has the Book of Shadows in the background (open to the To Find a Lost Love entry), and Paige's dress has been photoshopped to be black.
  • The opening credits have changed slightly with mostly new clips for each main cast member, (the clip before Holly Marie Combs' name is the only cast clip that remains the same as in season 6), and new clips at the end of the opening featuring the three main lead actresses.


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