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Issue 25

An ad for Season 10, featuring Paige Matthews, Piper Halliwell and Phoebe Halliwell

The tenth season of Charmed is a comic book series set to begin in the fall of 2014. It will be published by Zenescope Entertainment, written by Pat Shand and edited by season 9 writer Paul Ruditis. The season will premiere with the 25th issue of the comic book series overall, however the issue will be officially numbered as #1 of season 10. Issues will be released monthly and then re-published in two trade paperbacks per year.


Main CharactersEdit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The season is expected to consist of 24 issues; the same as Season 9.
  • Pat Shand has stated that issue 5 will be the most Cole-centric story Charmed has ever done. However the issue will include the whole cast.
  • The season will have a single artist for each story arc.
  • It has been implied in various tweets that Prue will feature in at least the first story arc of this season. But it has since been confirmed that all four sisters are the leads of the series. So Prue will be a main character in season 10.
  • Season 10 will focus on the four sisters. Pat mentioned that season 10 will be fun, dark, and squarely focused on the four sisters as their lives continue to change. 
  • When asked for a plot hint, Pat Shand responded: "If I were a villain, I'd wonder why the Halliwell line constantly evades death, even after they die. And I'd fix that."
  • There are no plans for Billie Jenkins in Season 10.
  • The Demonic Wasteland will be a major location and plot point this season.
  • The season will pick up about a year after the events of The Power of 300.
  • Pat Shand has stated that the second arc will focus on Henry and Coop.


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