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Biographical information

1st century


Stratorius (original name)

Physical description


Magical characteristics
Active powers
Inactive powers
Magic items
  • Killing Whitelighters
  • Creating new darklighters
  • Gladiator (formerly)

The Underworld



Character information
Only appearance

Mist and Stone


Scar, original name Stratorius, was a darklighter who appeared in the Charmed Novel Mist and Stone.

Scar was an example of how mortals can become Darklighters.


He was born as Stratorius in the first century A.D.

Captured and enslaved at age twelve, he was trained as a gladiator and fought his first fight at the age of 17 and after he had survived five years in the games, he had earned his freedom. Knowing nothing else to do, he stayed as gladiator. When he ignored the emperor's command for mercy and slaughtered the ruler's primed gladiator, he had been condemned to die the ignoble death of a slave—in the jaws of wild cats.

When he awoke in the Underworld, he accepted his new fate as a darklighter and took the name Scar. With the help of the mortal Ray Marino who runs Bay Haven, a privately funded institution that deals specifically with troubled kids who seem beyond saving, he planned to recruit an army of loyal darklighters from the boys.

Scar's plan changed and he tried to tempt Todd Corman to kill Paige. Then he would have killed Todd make him a Darklighter.

Scar was vanquished by the Charmed Ones.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Scar was tall with a jagged scar that run from the bridge of his nose across a gaunt, left cheek to just below the left earlobe.

Vanquish SpellEdit

Dark enemy of White Light,
In a mist, where death is written,
Not in time or in stone
But in the fire cast by demon fist;
Burn Darklight shadow, scar
And blood and bone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers
  • Black Orbing: The ability to teleport in black orbs.
  • Apportation: The ability to teleport objects into one's hands.
  • Invisibility: The ability to cloak oneself from the naked eye.
Other Powers
  • Immortality: The ability to live in infinite lifespan at a seized age.
  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to physical and magical harm.


Scar has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.

Mist and Stone

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