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Sharpedons Amulet
Sarpedon's Amulet
Artifact Information

Capture and contain guardian angels




Sarpedon's Amulet was an magical amulet that belonged to Sarpedon. It was able to capture and contain guardian angels and allowed the wearer to use their power.


Using the amulet, Sarpedon captured several guardian angels, including the one protecting Paige Matthews, in order to prepare for the gathering storm. When Sarpedon targeted Phoebe and Piper at the manor, Phoebe was able to take his amulet while he stabbed her, allowing Piper to blow him up as he charged at her.

After Leo became an Avatar to resurrect the sisters, Phoebe was still holding the amulet. The guardian angels were released, though it is unknown what became of the amulet.


Sarpedon's Amulet has appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 7
Someone to Witch Over Me

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