San Fran Memorial1
San Francisco Memorial

General hospital


San Francisco, California


San Francisco Memorial is a general hospital in San Francisco.


Oroya FeverEdit

When Piper fell victim to Oroya Fever, she was sent to this hospital for treatment, where Dr. Curtis Williamson ran tests on her blood. A number of people in this hospital fell ill to the disease due to an Awakening Spell.[1]

Dr. WilliamsonEdit

After Piper's mysterious recovery from Oroya Fever, Dr. Williamson continued to research the blood of the Halliwells, conducting tests on The Charmed Monkeys. During this time, he was stabbed in the neck by Prue-Monkey and acquired the powers of the Charmed Ones.[2]

Piper's DeathEdit

After the sisters accidentally exposed their powers while being filmed by a news channel, Piper was shot by a crazy woman. Prue brought her to the hospital, but she died in the end. The military tried to break into the operation room to incapacitate Prue, but she held them at bay until Tempus reversed time.[3]

Ava NicolaeEdit

A gypsy named Ava Nicolae is warned by her aunt about a Gypsy Hunter coming for her tribe, but she refused to believe. When Lydia died fighting Cree, her spirit appeared to Ava in mulo to warn her again, this time with more success.[4]

Chris Halliwell is BornEdit

After an emergency C-Section, Piper delivered her son Chris Halliwell at this hospital.[5]


Known PatientsEdit

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