Sally Mae
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Fictional Character



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Billy Appleby

Character information
First appearance

Chick Flick

Last appearance

Sense and Sense Ability

Portrayed By

Leslie Lauten


Sally Mae is a main fictional character in the movie "Kill It Before It Dies". She played the love interest of Billy Appleby.


Sally was disappointed of Billy's loyalty when he returned to the movie with three women. After Billy, Phoebe and Piper entered the movie, Prue was attacked by a Film Geek while the others fought the Demon of Illusion; Sally Mae helped out with a tree branch.

She and Billy were seen again one year later when Phoebe was watching the movie before Cole showed up in it.

Two years later, Phoebe lost her hearing and tested it by watching the movie; only Sally Mae appeared this time.


Sally Mae appeared in a total of 3 episodes over the course of the series.

Season 2
Chick Flick
Season 3
Bride and Gloom
Season 5
Sense and Sense Ability

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