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Salek 2
Character Information
Birthplace Underworld
Birth date Unknown
Species Darklighter
Status Vanquished


Notable powers

His known abilities included, but are not limited to:

Portrayed by

Peter Wingfield

Salek was an Upper-Level Darklighter Leader who helped to train other darklighters to kill Whitelighters-to-be. He wasn't concerned about other battles currently going on such as the Triad's prophecy of Ultimate Power and was solely devoted to his goal of the destruction of all Whitelighters.

One of his students, Sid went after a Whitelighter-to-be named Mikelle who was the charge of Paige Matthews. When Paige helped Mikelle to escape he retreated back to his hide-out where he told Salek that the charge was saved by a Charmed One. This inspired Salek to go after the charge himself so that he could kill Paige. Paige originally cloaked Mikelle and she was only vulnerable after Paige and her sisters had been knocked out by a sleeping potion. Christy told her sister that dreams would show peoples inner truths which would prove that the Charmed Ones were evil. When Mikelle, now uncloaked, ran out of the manor Salek immediately kidnapped her and began to torture her until Paige would show up.

Paige arrived too late however and caught Mikelle just before she passed away from her injuries. Before she could attempt to heal her Salek hit her with two darklighter arrows from behind and began to patiently watch her pass away. Piper and Phoebe however eventually wake up after realising what they truly want and find Paige. Piper immediately blows up Salek who believes that it's already too late to save her since they needed another Whitelighter. Luckily Mikelle who had been turned into a whitelighter orbs in and heals her.


Salek and Sid

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Salek appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 8
The Jung and the Restless

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