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Piper's Dream Manifestation



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Sand Francisco Dreamin'

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Austin Peck

Piper: "No, Ryder, please, this isn't right. I'm married."
Ryder: "Not in your dreams, you're not."
— Ryder seducing Piper in her dream.[src]

Ryder was a being manifested from Piper Halliwell's dreams. He is a character from one of her favorite soap operas. According to Piper, he was the perfect man for any girl. During her pregnancy, she began dreaming of him.



Ryder seen on TV.

Ryder was materialized when too much dream dust was knocked into the sisters and the main characters in their dreams manifested as beings in the real world.

When Piper confronted Ryder in her dream, she discovered the real man behind his mask was her husband, Leo Wyatt. She had been longing for the way Leo swept her off her feet before her pregnancy, as opposed to his more gingerly attention toward her and the baby since, and to her Ryder represented that passion. After this confrontation, Ryder disappeared.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Other Powers
  • Life Link: The ability to share one's life with another. As Piper's dream manifestation, Ryder could not be harmed without harming herself in the process.


Ryder has appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the series.

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