Dex is planning an art show. Phoebe gets a premonition from him, of the two of them at the art show when an earthquake begins.

Piper interviews for a job. The interview seems to go well, but the interviewer sends "Jenny Bennet's" picture for a routine background check. Afterwards, the sisters are eating lunch when police surround them, and arrest Piper for murder; they think she's Maya Holmes, a fugitive. The sisters realize that Piper must have seen her new face somewhere, and Phoebe and Paige decide to check magazines around the house and newspaper archives. Paige finds Maya's picture in a magazine. She scries and finds the real Maya.

Piper meets with the prosecutor, Walter Nance. He turns out to be a former lover of Maya's, and a controlling and obsessive man. She had left him for a photographer, who turned up dead two weeks later.

Paige and Billie orb into a motel room where Maya is staying. Paige orbs a lamp to Maya's head and knock her out. Paige orbs Piper out of jail and orbs Maya into the cell in her place. Piper, however, tells the others that Maya is innocent.

Phoebe meets Dex at his studio. She tries to stash Dex's art, when she feels the first tremors.

On account of "Maya's" defiant attitude, Walter thinks she has proof against him. He bails Maya out of jail and brings her to his high-rise apartment. He demands to know what she has on him. Piper and Paige orb in. Walter pushes Maya off a balcony, but Paige and Piper orb down the apartment just in time, freeze Maya and then orb a mattress under her.

Billie suggests scaring Walter into confession. Taking inspiration from Barbas, they play on Walter's fear of getting older. Billie substitutes for Walter's manicurist and mentions his age, angering him. He sees his hands rapidly wrinkle and then sees "Maya" (really Piper). He sees himself in the mirror aging rapidly. He turns and sees three more Mayas (Phoebe, Paige and Billie). Piper, still looking like Maya, pushes him off the balcony. Paige orbs Piper and she freezes Walter just above the ground and unfreezes his head so he can confess with Piper recording his confession.

Phoebe meets Dex at his art show; he has moved all his sculptures back where they were. A moment later, the earthquake happens. They are embracing when it stops.