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Ronald Galvez
Biographical information

October 31st, 1958


Relationship with Betty Warren

Physical description


Magical characteristics
Active powers

Ghost Powers


College student (formerly)


Betty Warren

Character information
Only appearance

Haunted by Desire


Ronald Galvez was a spirit haunted a local college in San Francisco. He appears only in the novel Haunted by Desire.


Earlier lifeEdit

Ronald was a reputed bad boy in the 1950's. He was in a relationship with Betty Warren, but because the girl came from a wealthy family, their relationship was forbidden. Betty and Ronald planned to elope on Halloween together. Betty's best friend, Charlotte Logan, found out about their elopement and, overcome with jealousy, set out to stop them. She attacked Betty, then killed Ronald and then herself. Ronald and Charlotte's spirits then remained on the campus.

Ronald was also framed for the murder. Unbeknownst to them, Betty survived and moved away and renamed herself "Marjorie Yarnell."

Encountering the Charmed OnesEdit

In 2000, Phoebe Halliwell, a young witch, started seeing Charlotte's spirit and assumed her to be an innocent ghost, and tried to free her from Ronald. Ronald tried to stop them from repeating history, only to be thwarted. However, the Charmed Ones' combined efforts and Betty's return finally stop Charlotte's evil plot, and clear Ronald's name. Ronald and Betty have a brief reunion before he moves on.


Ronald Galvez has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.

Haunted by Desire

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