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Romeo and Juliet
Biographical information

16th century; Great Britain (1st life)



Physical description



Male (Romeo)/Female (Juliet)

Hair color

Brown (Romeo)/Blond (Juliet)

Character information
Only appearance

Innocents Lost

"That damn playwright cursed us when he wrote our story with a quill from a Phoenix feather."
—Juliet explaining how Shakespeare cursed the couple.[src]

Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet are a couple cursed into a time loop by William Shakespeare, though he did it unknowingly.


The CurseEdit

267px-Romeo and Juliet 02

William Shakespeare had written Romeo and Juliet's story with a quill from the feather of a Phoenix. Unknowingly, this caused the couple to be cursed into a time loop, where they repeatedly met, fell in love, married and then separated by a tragic death in an endless cycle. The process had gone on for more than four hundred years. The couple also kept their memories throughout their reincarnations intact, but their love never wavered in spite of the tragic cycle. Because of their epic love story, they became famous among Cupids.

Breaking the Time loopEdit

472px-Phoebe 06

Romeo and Juliet's wedding.

In 2008, the two hope that by being married in a ceremony officiated by a Charmed One would break the curse, making it possible for them to move on from the time loop. In their explanation of the event, Juliet gives a little perspective to Phoebe Halliwell on the whole mass wedding thing. Phoebe then decides to marry the two lovers, with encouraging words from her husband Coop Halliwell.


  • Phoebe regains her empathy power through this couple.
  • Juliet's speech inspired Phoebe to write a book, which will ultimately become her best selling book "Finding Love".
  • Their love story has been so epic that even Cupids have known them for centuries.


Romeo and Juliet appeared in a total of 1 comic throughout the course of the series.

Season 9
Innocents Lost

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