Rod Rowland
Rodney Rowland
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Rod Rowland


Newport Beach, California, USA

Birth date

February 20th, 1964


Rick Gittridge




Hyde School Reunion


Rod Rowland portrayed Rick Gittridge in the Season 6 episode "Hyde School Reunion".

Biography Edit

Rodney G. Rowland, or Rod Rowland as he prefers to be called, was born in Newport Beach, California, United States on February 20th, 1964. Rod was accepted into prestigious Pepperdine University on a watersport scholarship, but after a brief time there he pursued other venues. Traveling to Europe, he pursued a modeling career where he modeled for such designers like Gucci, J. Crew and Versace.

Rod then took acting classes and became portraying roles in theater and film. His first big break was Space': Above and Beyond in 1995. Although he had a few hap-hazardous auditions, the producers gave him the role Cooper Hawkes, a genetically engineered InVitro. He then worked with the same producers on The X-Files, portraying the role of Ed Jerse, who emotionally connects with Dana Scully and encourages her to have a small Ouroboros snake tattooed on the small of her back. He then began dating Gillian Anderson until 1998.

Rod is also known for his villainous roles due to what producers call his rugged looks. He appeared in a recurring role on Veronica Mars portraying Liam Fitzpatrick, a lead character of the Irish gang and family of crime, the Fighting Fitzpatricks.

He also landed a film role opposite Arnold Schwarzaneggar in The 6th Day and opposite Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me.

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