Rod Dalvos
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2006; his office

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Grant Pelham (adoptive cousin)

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Employee at the Dalvos' family company



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Mr. & Mrs. Witch

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Sean McDermott


Rod Dalvos was a demon who had been swapped with the mortal child of the same name, by a demon named Nanta. She planned on taking over his family's company and establish a foothold in the mortal world.[1] The real Rod Dalvos was presumably killed, while his double was raised by his family.

The demonic Rod Dalvos was killed by Nanta in 2006 after her plan was thwarted by the Charmed Ones.[2]


Early Life

After being changed with a mortal child, Dalvos was raised by the mortal's family. He grew up to be an employee at his uncle's company. He acquired a high position within the company, second only to his cousin. Under orders of Nanta, Dalvos wanted to take the company public, while his cousin wanted to keep it in the family as his late father wanted.

Billie and Dalvos

Billie Jenkins, who was seeking clues about her sister's kidnapping, met with Dalvos for information. She suspected him to be a magical being and enchanted a piece of paper to prove it. When he touched the paper, it glowed, proving he was not a mortal. Dalvos' cousin Grant then interrupted the meeting, telling his cousin he was not taking the company public and warning him not to make a move against him. After Billie left, Nanta appeared, confirming Dalvos' suspicions that Billie was a witch.

Plan to take over Pelham

Meanwhile Billie developed the power of Projection and accidentally turned her parents into assassins. Nanta tried to use this to her advantage by hiring her parents to kill Grant Pelham, thus allowing Dalvos to take the company public. At a press conference, the Jenkins tried to shoot Grant. Piper intervened in time and froze the scene before the bullet hit. However, Dalvos then revealed himself immune to her power and shot his cousin instead, thus framing the Jenkins.


Nanta and Dalvos' plans were later ruined when Piper, glamoured as Dalvos, appeared before the press and confessed to shooting Grant to take over the company. Furious over her ruined plans, Nanta summoned a gun and shot Dalvos, making it appear as a suicide.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Dalvos being replaced as an infant resembles the myth of the Changeling, where a child is replaced by some kind of magical being. 
  • He is the only demon in the series to be killed by a gun.


Rod Dalvos has appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.