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Rick Gittridge
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2004; Halliwell Manor

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Hyde School Reunion

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Rick Gittridge was a former classmate of Phoebe Halliwell at Baker High School and a criminal.


At her 10th high school reunion, Phoebe reverts to her teenage self and tells her friends of her Wiccan abilities. They reminisce about their high school days and start discussing Rick.

Rick Gittridge was the leader of the "gang" of friends Phoebe associated with in her high school days; they would do things based on the idea "in for a penny, in for a pound". Rick learns of Phoebe's magical abilities after she and her friends decide to go to the prison Rick is being held in for a visit. He then insists they break him out and then he comes up with the idea of having Phoebe use her powers to change his appearance and help him with a robbery.

Not wanting to assist Rick after reverting to her normal self when Rick punches her friend, he kidnaps Phoebe's friend and locks her in the trunk of a stolen police car and will not divulge the information of her whereabouts unless Phoebe assists him rob an armored truck and then a bank.

Whilst in the process of trying to rob the armored truck, Phoebe casts a spell to make Rick hear what isn't there – police sirens, and then another one to see what isn't there – a fire in the car they are in.

After she escapes, Rick shows up at Halliwell Manor, asking Phoebe to change his appearance, she then glamours him into Chris Halliwell who is being hunted by a group of Scabbar Demons. After changing his appearance, the Scabbars teleport in and shoot their deadly acidic spray at Rick, destroying him.


Rick Gittridge appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 6
Hyde School Reunion

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