Richmond Van Den Pelt is a character from the non-canonical novel, The Queen's Curse. He is Corinne's father.


Richmond has worked at the royal castle as Prince Colin's teacher for a long time. His mother was a witch, but though he inherited her magical gene, he possessed no magic of his own, nor did his daughter. Corinne later started working in the castle as Colin's servant girl after being threatened by the loyalists, and the two later fell in love.

Though Richmond is aware of his daughter's feelings, he is also aware of what would happen to the kingdom if Colin does not marry a purely magical being. On the day of Prince Colin's birthday, the curse begins to strike the kingdom, forcing the Charmed Ones and all magical denizens of Tarsina to pull together their strengths and stop the curse once and for all, allowing Richmond to watch his daughter live a happy life with the prince.


Richmond Van Den Pelt has appeared in a total of 1 novel throughout the run of the franchise.