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Richard Jean1
Richard Jéan
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Image consultant at The Bay Mirror

Character information
Only appearance

Sense and Sense Ability

Portrayed By

Daniel Escobar


Richard Jéan was an image consultant for The Bay Mirror and was a fan of Phoebe Halliwell and her column.


When Jason Dean, the new owner of The Bay Mirror, mapped out plans for national syndication of the newspaper and plans for a talk show, Elise Rothman scheduled a meeting with Richard and several other experts to discuss Ask Phoebe.

Shortly before the meeting, Phoebe was infected with a curse by The Crone, causing her to slowly loose her hearing. During the meeting, her condition worsened and she was barely able to understand Richard and the others. When she completely lost her hearing, she panicked and fled the meeting, telling the others she wasn't feeling well.


Richard Jean appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the series.

Season 5
Sense and Sense Ability

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