"It all feels a little anticlimactic, don’t you think? Too easy, almost. It feels as if we need a more satisfying ending. "
—Rex Buckland before setting a panther on the sisters.[src]

Rex Buckland was the identity used by a warlock whose mission was to destroy the Charmed Ones. It was the name of the successful owner of Buckland Auction House. He was murdered along with his coworker Hannah Webster by two warlocks who assumed their identities. The warlock Rex was sent by the Source of All Evil to confirm the true existence of the alleged Charmed Ones. To do this, Rex hired the eldest sister, Prue Halliwell. Rex and Hannah kept watch over Prue for many months. Rex had the powers of astral projection and suggestion, both of which he would use to plant thoughts in others' minds to convince them to think or say a certain thing.

During their time at Buckland, Rex and Hannah help Hecate in her marriage scheme, are nearly victims of Prue's truth spell, and unleash the evil warlock Matthew Tate on the sisters. They finally made their attack by framing Prue for theft and later murder. The warlocks forced the sisters to surrender their powers before Leo intervenes, causing them to be vanquished.


Early LifeEdit

The real Rex Buckland founded the successful of the eponymous Buckland Auction House, which specialized in rare and valuable antiques. Shortly before the Charmed Ones gained their powers, a couple of warlocks killed Buckland and his coworker Hannah Webster, took their identities and integrated themselves into the Buckland's workplace seamlessly.

Meeting Prue HalliwellEdit

After Prue quit her job at the American Museum of Natural History due to a falling out with her boss, she applies for a job at Buckland. Rex agrees to an interview with her, but despite her running late she bumped into him while in the elevator, where they have the interview afterwards. After succeeding, Prue has a second interview where Rex and Hannah test her abilities with various objects. Hannah accidentally knocks over an open paint can, causing Prue to flinch and use her telekinesis to avoid being hit by the paint. They notice, with Hannah believing that she is a witch.

The Spencer-Michaels WeddingEdit

When Elliot Spencer and Allison Michaels' wedding came around, it was revealed that the demon Hecate had made a deal with Elliot's mother so that Hecate could give birth to an heir. To help facilitate this process Rex was given a female fertility icon that supposedly helps a woman conceive. With Piper catering the wedding, their intention was to get Phoebe and Prue involved in the same event so the warlocks can make their move. However Hannah's incompetence resulted in Prue cataloging the icon. Later, Prue receives a male version of the same icon, when Rex reveals the female icon was a gift for the Spencer-Michaels wedding. Prue remarks that her sisters were organizing the catering for the event as well. Rex tells Prue to catalog the icon anyway. Later that night, the sisters spy on Hecate's hes night when Prue notices the icon.

Trying to avoid the Truth SpellEdit

Tanya Parker is delivering sandwiches to Buckland's employees when she reaches Prue's office. Tanya saves the final turkey sandwich with no mayo for Prue when Hannah walks in and takes it. Not knowing that Prue cast a Truth Spell, she almost reveals herself to Prue when Rex walks in. He laughs it off and takes Hannah outside to tell her off. He takes a cigar out and Hannah blows on it, causing it to light up. Later on, when Phoebe comes to see Prue, they meet Rex who asks how they are. Prue, also bound to the spell, confesses that she is going to tell Andy Trudeau that she is a witch when Phoebe comes up and stops her.

Matthew TateEdit

In another attempt to kill the sisters and obtain their powers, Rex comes across a cursed locket and gives it to Prue. She opens it, which results in the escape of Matthew Tate, a powerful warlock who was Melinda Warren's former lover. Knowing that Prue couldn't have opened it unless she was a blood relative of Melinda, he tries to kill her, but only ends up copying her powers and escaping, with Rex listening in from the outside. Rex and Hannah later catches Matthew after he killed a shopkeeper with the surname Halliwell and offer to help him obtain the sisters' powers. However they have an ulterior motive—they want the powers themselves and intend to banish Matthew back into the locket as well. The task fails after Matthew is returned to the locket but knowing that the sisters are the Charmed Ones, Rex admits that they should've gone after them directly after trying to do so secretly.

The Final AttackEdit

Setting Prue UpEdit

Rex and Hannah waited until they saw an opportunity to steal the Charmed Ones' powers. Rex was able to utilize his new astral projection power to set certain events into motion. He first starts by hypnotizing Prue into taking a tiara under the pretense of her date book and stow it in a drawer in her room. After he comes back, he proudly states that the plan is underway. Hannah is confused about the power, but comes to understand after astral Rex tells her to take her dress off.

Manipulating PhoebeEdit

He follows up the day after by charming Phoebe to go to a concert by the band The Verve. Prue doesn't approve of the plan, which pleases Rex as he reveals to Hannah that upsetting Prue would give her a motive to steal the tiara in the minds of the police. Phoebe strongly enjoyed the concert (and his accent). He feigns concern when Prue informs him of the possibility of an inside job on the tiara. Phoebe and Rex goes out to dinner at Quake to Prue's chagrin. Things are complicated further when Rex gives Phoebe flowers with the promise of a job. In reality, Rex had no interest whatsoever in Phoebe and is in love with Hannah. Manipulating her was part of the plan.

Search for the TiaraEdit

When Andy and Darryl come to the Manor to look for the tiara, Astral Rex appears behind Andy encouraging him to look for the tiara in the places where the sisters placed the tiara—first under the pillows, then in the drawer again, but was not helped by Piper repetitively freezing the scene, causing Rex to snap at Piper before disappearing. He subsequently vows to up the stakes.

Date with PhoebeEdit

Phoebe, who loved the flowers, is invited to a dinner party by Rex. Upon arrival Astral Rex convinces Phoebe that the set up of the room is spectacular. Rex brings her, announcing the party was only an exclusive affair between the pair. He offers her wine and informs her of an interview with "Zeitgeist Magazine". He then leaves the room and astral projects to plant a premonition in her head of Prue being attacked by a panther at work. Phoebe ends up leaving. Rex clicks his finger to remove the contents of the room and calls 911 telling the police that someone is trying to kill him.

Prue is ArrestedEdit

While at work, Astral Rex appears behind Prue, after talking with the security guard Jaime and checking the identity of Hannah and Rex, and failing to gather any information on them, to warn her of a warlock attack and she was to grab an artifact—the same artifact Hannah later uses to kill Jaime. When Andy and Darryl arrive at the scene with Prue holding the artifact over Jaime, they are forced to arrest her.

Truth RevealedEdit

Phoebe seeks Rex's help with their predicament, but when she and Piper turn up at his "apartment" it is blank—except for her lipstick. Phoebe and Piper realize that Rex is a warlock—and, if Prue is believed to be correct, so is Hannah.

Blackmailing the SistersEdit

Astral Rex overhears Piper and Phoebe discussing their plans for breaking Prue free and sees Phoebe hiding the tiara in a wardrobe. He sends Hannah to retrieve it while he watches the sisters use their powers to free Prue. Upon leaving the prison Rex ambushes the sisters. He takes a Polaroid of the sisters escaping and demands their powers in exchange for her freedom as well as Rex informing the police that he simply misplaced the tiara. He hands them a lantern to carry the powers in.


Knowing it was the only way to save their sister, the Charmed Ones relinquished their powers, which flow into the lantern. After listening in, Rex returns to his body and has Hannah morph into a black panther to kill the sisters—being evil, he has no intention of honoring the deal. Once the sisters return with their surrendered powers, he sets the panther loose on the sisters. However, due to the intervention of Leo Wyatt, the powers return to the sisters, allowing Piper to freeze Hannah and Rex, with Prue then using her power to move them closer together and in front of each other, thus forcing Hannah to attack and kill Rex. Hannah dies almost immediately due to the Source vanquishing her for her failure, with the pair leaving no traces behind.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Powers
  • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew potions.
  • Scrying: The ability to locate a being or an object by use of a scrying crystal and a map.
Active Powers
  • Invisible Astral Projection: The ability to project one's consciousness into an astral form outside the body. He could astral project in an invisible form.
    • Suggestion: The ability to project as an inner voice to others. implanting incredibly strong suggestions into their minds subtly bending ones will.
  • Illusion Casting: The ability to create illusions which seem to be substantial.
Other Powers
  • Immortality: The ability to live an infinite lifespan.
  • Power Absorption: The ability to steal other beings' powers. As a warlock, Rex could steal witches' powers by killing them with an athame.
  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to magical attacks.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Inspector Andy Trudeau discovers at near the same time as the warlocks' final failure that the original Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster are now dead and their names being used as aliases. He also uncovered evidence that the warlocks had been skimming off the auction proceeds, nearly driving Buckland's into bankruptcy. This turned out to be what actually exonerated Prue of the crimes the warlocks had framed her for.
  • Rex and Hannah are the show's first recurring villains, lasting for the first half of the season.


Rex Buckland appeared in a total of 6 episodes over the course of the series.

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