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Reversal Spell
Spell Information

Spells created to reverse the effects of other spells




Neutral Magic


Reversal Spells are spells created to reverse the effects of other spells that have been cast. Some are written specifically for another spell, while others are written to reverse almost any spell. Casting a spell in reverse may also revert it.

Specific Reversal SpellsEdit

Lost and Found Reversal SpellEdit

I return what I didn't want to find.
Let it be out of sight, out of mind.

To Find a Lost Love Reversal SpellEdit

Return Thy Love
Wherever she Be
Through time and Space
Bring her Back
To Me

To Turn Humans into AnimalsEdit

Undo the magic acted here,
reverse the spell so all is clear

Vanishing SpellEdit

Let the object of objection return
so that it's existence may be reaffirmed.

General Reversal SpellsEdit

General reversal spells are usually very simple and often involve the burning of a piece of paper with the spell that has to be reversed written on it.

Phoebe's Reversal SpellEdit

Guided spirits,
hear our plea,
Annul this magic,
Let it be

Patty's Reversal SpellEdit

Reverse the spell from the book,
and please restore what was took


These spells were used by Abraxas to undo the spells of The Charmed Ones by casting them in reverse.

To Reverse the Love SpellEdit

Eniw der Ni Liob,
Stun elteeb puc,
riah fo kcol s'revol dda,
stoor ekardnam owt

To Reverse the Warlock SpellEdit

Eerf su tes lliw,
eerht fo rewop eht,

To Reverse the Woogyman SpellEdit

Llewd swodahs erehw krad ot nruter
thgif ot gnorts oot eno ma I

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