Resurrection Spell
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Dark magic spells to resurrect or reanimate the dead


Black Magic


Resurrection Spells are spells of black magic intent on resurrecting or reanimating the dead. Several resurrection spells exist, most notably one written in the the Grimoire possessed by the Source of All Evil.

Resurrection Spells

Grimoire Resurrection Spell

We call to you that away was torn
Return master of all evil born

This powerful black magic spell was written in the Grimoire. A Wizard tried to obtain the evil tome to resurrect his kind, though he was vansuished before he could.[1] After he was vanquished and trapped in the Demonic Wasteland, Cole Turner asked Phoebe to resurrect him with this spell, though she refused as she did not want to use black magic again.[2]

Years later, a Possessor Demon kidnapped Wyatt Halliwell and wanted to use his power in combination with this spell to resurrect the Source of All Evil. She succeeded in her plans, though she quickly was vanquished by Piper, which also vanquished the Source due to their magical connection.[3]

Alchemist Resurrection Spell

Caducas Ex Animas Vita Ethos Anima

The Alchemist Kierkan chanted this spell when using his power to bring the dead back to life. He used this on a deceased businessman the Life Essence Terra had possessed to discover her whereabouts. Terra later used this spell to resurrect Piper Halliwell under persuasion by Phoebe and Prue Halliwell.[4]



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