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Power Information

The ability to bring oneself or others back from the dead


Direct hand




Supportive power


Resurrection is the rare ability to bring oneself or others back to life after being killed or vanquished. This power can be divided in two separate aspects, either resurrecting oneself or resurrecting another. While resurrection is a power on its own, the process can also be accomplished through other means, including spells or rituals.

Resurrection is most often possessed by powerful beings, including the Avatars and The Crone. Alchemists can also possess this power, as shown by Kierkan, however, some Alchemists can only control the dead and not resurrect them independently. Lazarus Demons can resurrect themselves after being reduced to ashes, this is a natural process that can only stopped by burying them in a cemetery.

Resurrection can also refer to the ability to reanimate deceased bodies as Undead. However, these undead are not fully restored to life and are trapped between life and death. Zankou and certain Alchemists possess this form of resurrection.

List of beings who use(d) ResurrectionEdit

Resurrecting Others


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The Triad and The Necromancer resurrected themselves through the help of their Manifestation power, allowing them to remain as spirits and retain their powers.

See AlsoEdit


  1. As an Avatar
  2. Through a spell
  3. Through a spell and with the help of Wyatt Halliwell
  4. Through an elaborate ritual
  5. Due to possessing nine lives
  6. By feeding on Spirits before resurrection
  7. By turning to ash before resurrection
  8. By becoming spirits before resurrection

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