A Reporter appeared in a total of 13 episodes over the course of the series.


Season 1
Something Wicca This Way Comes
Portrayed by Francesca Cappucci
The Witch is Back
TV Reporter portrayed by Jodi Fung
Season 2
Morality Bites
Sports Reporter portrayed by Michael Brownlee
Portrayed by Jennifer Massey
Portrayed by Lisa Ann Grant
Season 3
Sin Francisco
Portrayed by Danny Ricardo
Portrayed by Beverly Sotelo
All Hell Breaks Loose
Reporter #1 portrayed by Joe Torrenueva
Reporter #2 portrayed by John Torbett
Season 4
The Fifth Halliwheel
Portrayed by Dominic Kurtyan
Season 5
Siren Song
TV Reporter portrayed by Daniel Betances
Sand Francisco Dreamin'
Portrayed by Jossie Thacker
Portrayed by Christian Keiber[1]
Baby's First Demon
Portrayed by Kate Anthony
Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun
Portrayed by Jim O'Brien
portrayed by Jossie Thacker
Season 6
Used Karma
Reporter #1 portrayed by Lisa Canning
Reporter #2 portrayed by Joe Torrenueva
Reporter #3 portrayed by Rock Reiser
Season 7
Styx Feet Under
Portrayed by Katie Wagner


  1. Later credited as Frank in the season 6 episode "Forget Me...Not".

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