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Remote Beaming
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Beam other people without touching them


Think of the person you want to beam




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Remote Beaming is the ability to beam other people from one location to another without making physical contact with them.


"Prue teleported me today. Repeatedly"
Phoebe to Piper.[src]

In some Cupids, the ability to use this power is a natural genetic attribute, which can be passed down from parent to child. A Cupid-Witch may develop this power due to their Cupid genes.

When a Cupid or Cupid-Witch remote beams someone, the person being "beamed" will appear or disappear in a bright reddish glow with a pinkish glow at the place of his/her heart.

The earliest recorded use of the power came about in 2008, at Coop and Phoebe's Home, when their three month old daughter, P.J. Halliwell, used her power for the first time to beam her mother, Phoebe, back to her, whenever she attempted to leave for work.

Remote Beaming and loveEdit

"All you have to do is think about him and he’s there"
Chris to Phoebe.[src]

A normal witch can use this power if they share a love connection with a Cupid. In these instances, the power is not an advancement of another power but an independent power.

An example of this is Phoebe, a witch and her husband Coop, a cupid. Phoebe and Coop share a very strong love connection which binds them as one, and through this connection she can teleport him to her. She activates this power by closing her eyes and concentrating on him.

When a witch use this power, the cupid being "beamed" will appear in front of them in a bright reddish glow, but without the pinkish glow at the place of his/her heart.

List of UsersEdit

Original power Through love etc.
Coop, P.J. Halliwell Phoebe Halliwell (by thinking of Coop, she can beam him to her)


  • In the episode "Forever Charmed," Phoebe is able to call Coop with her mind due to their love connection. Phoebe will forever be able to beam him to her, as revealed by her nephews.
  • Coop and P.J are the only known beings with cupid powers who does not need a ring to use this power.
  • As seen with P.J, this power does not have to be developed from Beaming, in fact her power developed vice-versa.

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