"You made me feel like part of the gang. Those were the best times of my life."
— Ramona describing her friendship with Phoebe.[src]

Ramona Shaw was a close friend of Phoebe Halliwell when she attended Baker High School, along with Todd Marks and Rick Gittridge. Despite being rather timid and often being the victim of pranks pulled by Phoebe, she was happy being part of the gang.


6x17-Phoebe Ramona Hug

Phoebe and Ramona hug

Ramona was present at the Baker High School reunion in 2004 where she revealed she still looked up to Phoebe. Because of this, Phoebe joked that she would give Ramona an autographed picture of herself for $20.00; which Ramona took serious. Ramona also commented that Paige Matthews looked like a famous person. When Todd and Phoebe were talking, Ramona sided with Phoebe after Todd's wife Paula interrupted and called Phoebe a liar, cheater and boyfriend stealer.

Ramona TwentyDollars

Ramona reaches for a $20

After Phoebe accidentally cast a spell causing herself and everyone present at the reunion to regain their teenage personalities, she, Ramona and Todd stole a police car and went to the prison to visit Rick, who was imprisoned for a liquor store robbery. The three friends glamoured into lawyers in an attempt to surprise Rick but the plan went awry. Phoebe exposed herself as a witch, after which Rick demanded she use her magic to break him out of the prison.

Ramona Todd

Ramona and Todd unglamour

Although the group of friends were successful in breaking Rick out of prison, they were less than eager to go along with Rick's plan to rob an armored truck. They fled to an abandoned pumping station. Ramona and Todd refused to help and Rick knocked Todd unconscious, after which Ramona went to his aid. At that point, Phoebe was summoned back to the manor by her sisters and when she returned, Ramona was gone. Rick then told Phoebe that Ramona was his leverage to get Phoebe to help him. Phoebe then reluctantly agreed to go along with the plan.

Ramona Todd2

Ramona tends to an unconscious Todd

While waiting for the truck, Phoebe cast a spell to create the illusion of fire, though she accidentally conjured real fire. She then cast another spell to make Rick hear sirens. Phoebe demanded that he tell her where Ramona was and he told her she was locked in a tank under the pumping station. After Phoebe dealt with Rick, she reversed the spell she cast at the reunion, causing everyone to forget what had happened.


Ramona Shaw appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.