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Rainbow Teleportation
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To teleport through a Rainbow


A spell




Teleportation Power

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A Rainbow is a colorful bow of magic through the air. They are in the sky all the time, but are only visible when it rains. They can also be lit up by Leprechauns and their shillelaghs. They are used for teleportation.

Rainbow TeleportationEdit


Phoebe summons a Rainbow

Rainbows are used by leprechauns as a form of teleportation. For the rainbow to appear, the leprechaun (or another magical beings) would use a shillelagh and say "Go n-eiri an bothar leat!" The one who summoned the rainbow steps into it and it brings him to wherever he wants to go, often to a pot of gold. Leprechauns can be summoned by knocking three times on the ground with a shillelagh. The summoned leprechauns appear using the rainbow teleportation. One rainbow can teleport more people at a time.


Spell to Create a Rainbow RoadEdit

"Go n-eiri an bothar leat!"


  • Sometimes, the colors on the rainbows are wrong. The red is supposed to be on the outer part of the rainbow with the violet being on the inner side.
  • Sheamus did not understand why mortals find rainbows pretty to look at.
  • Some believe that the translation of the spell means "Let the road rise with you". However, that is an incorrect translation; in the blessing used by the Gaelic, it means "May you have a successful journey".
  • When a Leprechaun tried to teleport away in a rainbow with an Elder in tow, The Titan Cronus shot fire into the rainbow, killing the leprechaun and breaking the connection, showing that the teleportation can be stopped mid-way.

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