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Rainbow Teleportation
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To teleport through a rainbow


A spell




Teleportation Power

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Rainbow Teleportation is the ability to teleport by summoning and stepping into a rainbow.

Leprechauns use rainbows as means of transportation, which they summon through their shillelaghs with a spell. Rainbows can also be summoned by other beings when they are in possession of a shillelagh.


Spell to Create a Rainbow RoadEdit

Go n-eiri an bothar leat!

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In some cases, the colors of the rainbows are reversed. The red is supposed to be on the outer part of the rainbow with the violet being on the inner side.
  • Seamus Fitzpatrick mentioned that he did not understand why mortals find rainbows pretty.
  • Some believe that the translation of the spell means "Let the road rise with you". However, that is an incorrect translation; in the blessing used by the Gaelic, it means "May you have a successful journey".
  • When a Leprechaun tried to teleport away in a rainbow with an Elder in "Oh My Goddess! Part 2", Cronus shot fire into the rainbow, killing the leprechaun and breaking the connection.

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