Rage Projection
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Enrages people, by magnifying their anger, until they commit an act of violence


A mental command and direct hand




Supportive power

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Rage Projection is the ability to enrage others, by magnifying their anger, until they commit an act of violence after which the rage leaves them.

List of UsersEdit

  • Andras: was one of the few demons to possess this ability. When Andras wants to enrage his victims he sends a red orb-like ball of energy to them that hits them (without seeing you get hit) and directly enrages the victim. His eyes glowed red when he used his power.
  • Demon of Illusion: used this ability to implant subliminal thoughts in the audience, making them violent and angry when they leave. He only used his ability for audiences already open to violence; those of the thriller- and horror-movie genres.

Splitting the Power of ThreeEdit

Cole Turner once enlisted the Spirit of Rage; Andras, to help him destroy the Charmed Ones after he found out that the their powers were rooted in their bond as sisters. Andras used his power to turn long-simmering disputes between the Halliwell sisters into rage. Ultimately, the sisters' rage boiled over and caused a magically-amped cat-fight in which they used their powers against each other, severing their bond and causing them to lose their powers. This is reflected when the Triquetra on the Book of Shadows separates.[1]

Similar AbilitiesEdit


Lord Dyson releasing the suppressed emotions of Duncan.


The ability to create conflict between groups of beings in the immediate vicinity of the user. It was used by the warlock Hogan to start a fight in club Luscious.[2]

Releasing RepressionEdit

The ability to release repressed emotions. Releasing someone's repressed feelings of anger will cause them to act out in violence. This power was used by Lord Dyson on the students of magic school.[3]


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