Location information

Between earth and the Underworld


A large rocky pit filled with magma, resembling the inside of a volcano


Purgatory is a plane located somewhere between earth and the Underworld. It serves as a prison for banished demons and other evil beings.


A purgatory is a deep pit which resembles the conduit of a volcano. Pieces of rock, large enough for an adult person to stand or sit on, are scattered throughout this place. However, movement is limited and one wrong move may cause a demon to fall from his rock and into the pool of magma at the bottom.

Notable inhabitantsEdit


Barbas, the Demon of Fear, has often been trapped in purgatory when otherwise believed to be vanquished. However, while trapped, he was still able to reach other demons through telepathy and eventually learned how to astral project to manipulate his victims from purgatory.



Phinks was a low-level demon who was interrogated by Leo Wyatt and Chris Halliwell for information, until they started arguing and Chris dropped him into Purgatory, presumably vanquishing him in the fires.[3]


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