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As Puck Would Have It


Puck is a magical being who appears in As Puck Would Have It.

He is known for being a trickster with more mystery to his being than a dog has fleas, and no one knows whether he can be trusted.


Puck was sought out by the veterinarian, Dr. Jordan Kahn, when he noticed animals starting to die wherever the circus he worked at visited. Puck found out it was the work of a Bestiari Demon who followed the circus, and was able to place a protection spell on any city with a wide animal population, but it could not do the same for the circus. Because the demon was as strong as he is, Puck lacked the strength to stop him permanently. He then visited Piper and Phoebe Halliwell while impersonating Paige Matthews, whose orbing power was blocked by Puck's magic, and convinced them to investigate the circus.

After a whole day of investigation, the sisters realized the Bestiari Demon was the culprit and worked together to vanquish him. At the end of the evening, Piper and Phoebe figured out that Puck had impersonated their sister. He then returned Paige and presented them with a reward for the effort: free tickets to the circus.

After collecting Kahn's jacket as a reward, Puck went on his way.

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Puck has crossed paths with several members of The Warren Line, and many of them had added to his entry in the Book of Shadows. Because of his mysterious origins and trickster nature, many sentences in the book were either replaced or crossed out, making it hard for anyone to know what he is exactly.


Puck has appeared in a total of 1 novel throughout the franchise.