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This page enlists all temporary powers Prue Halliwell gained, due to spells, transformations, etc..

Season 1Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Power(s) Gained Cause Loss
Prue Premonition2 1x21 Love Hurts Premonition Piper cast the spell to exchange her powers with Leo's, but it also switched Prue and Phoebe's powers. They recast the spell to switch their powers back.
Prue TouchofDeath2 1x21 Love Hurts Touch of Death and other Darklighter Powers Prue cast the spell to exchange Phoebe's powers that she had at the time, with Alec's. Prue re-cast the spell to switch their powers back.

Season 2Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Power(s) Gained Cause Loss
Prue Thoughts1 2x07 They're Everywhere Telepathy Prue and Piper cast the spell To Hear Secret Thoughts. The spell was reversed.

Season 3Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Power(s) Gained Cause Loss
EmpathyInfoboxImage 3x06 Primrose Empath Empathy and Advanced Telekinesis (due to Empathy augmenting her powers) Prue cast the spell To Relinquish an Empath's Power on Vinceres and received the power herself. Prue transferred all of the emotions she channeled into Vinceres and banished the power.
3x13-Evil-Prue 3x13 Bride and Gloom Blinking Prue was married to a Warlock, causing her to become Evil. The death of the warlock made her a witch again.

Season 9Edit

Image Episode Episode Name Power(s) Gained Cause Loss
Orb Shield Provisional 2 9x20-9x22

(only seen in 9x22)

The Old Witcheroo - Prue Ya Gonna Call? Telekinesis, Telematerialization, Astral Projection, Molecular Immobilization, Molecular Combustion, Molecular Acceleration, Premonition, Levitation, Empathy, Orbing, Telekinetic Orbing, Remote Orbing, Sensing, Healing, Hovering, Glamouring, Omnilingualism, Photokinesis and Orb Shield Prue gained her powers back and all the powers of her sisters after a global magical swap caused by Rennek. Prue used up all of the Charmed Ones' magic in battle, causing them to automatically return to her sisters. She also lost her powers again.

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