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Prue Halliwell's Good Luck Spell

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Prue Halliwell's Good Luck Spell
Spell Information

Prue Halliwell




Being in the presence of the person cursed




This Good Luck Spell was written and cast by Prue Halliwell to help Maggie Murphy, a future whitelighter who was targeted by a Spirit Killer. It was used to erase her pain and her bad luck.

History Edit

Maggie Murphy, a future whitelighter, was supposed to get her picture taken by Prue Halliwell for her charity work. When Prue arrived, Maggie was about to jump of a building, having been driven there by the Spirit Killer. Prue astral projected to the roof to talk her out of it, but Maggie fell and Prue saved her life. Prue later cast this spell on Maggie to relief her pain and back luck. The Spirit Killer then targeted Prue instead, nearly driving her to suicide as well.

When Piper and Phoebe needed to find Prue before the Spirit Killer succeeded, they had Maggie point to a spot on a map, leading them to Prue.[1]

The SpellEdit

From this moment on
Your pain is erased,
Your bad luck as well,
Enjoy your good luck [name],
You're free from this Hell.



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