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Protection Spells are spells to protect not only the living but also places and objects. Although there are protection spells, no potions are known to exist.


Season 1

In "Something Wicca This Way Comes", a witch named Serena Fredrick cast a protection spell that called upon the Ancient One of the Earth, Moon and Sun to protect her and her altar, although it did not work. She was killed seconds after her spell by Jeremy Burns to obtain her power of Pyrokinesis.[1]

Season 2

In "Ms. Hellfire", a witch named Marcy cast a protection spell. Although she does not have any powers, her spell "worked" as she was saved by Phoebe and Darryl.

Season 7

In "Styx Feet Under", Paige cast a protection spell on an Army chaplain to prevent him from being killed by a demon. However, the chaplain was attacked by a demon named Sirk, who had thrown an Energy Ball at him. The Energy Ball only left a hole in the Chaplain instead of killing him because of Paige's spell. This later caused many complications with the Angel of Death as it prevented death altogether.


Serena Fredrick's Protection Spell

9 Candles
- 3 White candles
- 3 Black candles
- 2 Red candles
- 1 Green Candle
Chalice filled with Wine
Bowl filled with assorted herbs
Light the candles and chant:
Auger De Gomay, Auger De Gomay
Ancient One of the Earth so Deep
Master of Moon and Sun
I shield you in my Wiccan Way
Here in my circle round
Asking you, Protect this space
And offer your Sun force down.

Marcy Steadwell's Protection Spell

  • You will need a sage stick.
Light the top of sage stick and let the smoke fill the room while chanting:
Favour us, Sister Moon with your protective beams.
Give all who dwell within this spell,
safe days and sweet dreams
for those who dwell underneath this roof.

The sister's spell in The Warren Witches

For every witch, in every hour,
Send us now the greatest power.
Brick and mortar, wood and stone,
Protect our center, protect our home.


  • In the season 5 episode, "Happily Ever After", Paige mentioned that Grams was working on an entry in the Book of Shadows about a protection potion. This means Grams was close to making one but died before she could ever finish such a potion. Paige tried to finish it for her future niece but probably couldn't since it was never mentioned again, and we never saw them use such a potion.
  • All protection spells cast in the show failed except the spell Phoebe Halliwell cast in Season 1 episode "Thank You For Not Morphing".