Victor Ring
Protection Ring
Artifact Information

An Egyptian ring with two crystallites signifying man and woman.


Protects the wearer against spells, curses, and evil spirits


Victor Bennett


The Protection Ring was a ring used by Victor Bennett, the father of the original Charmed Ones. The ring has crystallite stones embedded in it. Crystallite is a stone that was believed by the Egyptians to protect against spells, curses and evil spirits. On the ring, the stones are set in pairs, representing the duality of man and woman.


Prue: "The setting's quite old. At least 17th century. The stones looks like crystallite. It's a stone that the Egyptians believed would protect them against spells, curses, evil spirits. This wouldn't be a wedding band by any chance would it?"
Victor: "You tell me."
Prue: "The stones are set in two's. The symbol of duality. Man, woman, and, again, protection."
Prudence Halliwell appraising the ring.[src]

In 1998, Victor, approached Prue Halliwell at Buckland Auction House with the ring. She explained to him that it was probably from the 17th century and used for protection. However, the meeting is cut short when Prue recognized him as her father.

Victor wanted to take the Book of Shadows from the sisters to protect them from the evil it would draw. He worked with three shapeshifters, who wanted the book for themselves. When they attacked the manor, one of them shifts into Victor to confuse the sisters. When Prue recognized her father, she moved the ring to the real Victor and he put it on. The sisters then cast the Safety Spell, which destroyed the shapeshifters while Victor was protected by the ring.


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Despite the fact that Victor still has the ring at the end of the episode, it is never seen or mentioned again in his later appearances.


The Protection Ring appeared in 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 1
Thank You For Not Morphing

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