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Magical beings

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Spell Casting (at least some)


Warning the world of upcoming danger and evil



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The Demon Who Came in From the Cold

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Barry Cutler

"Because not all of them are crazy, or human. Some of them are magical seers who can pre-see actual events. But they're loud, dirty, so people ignore them. If you call Inspector Morris, I bet he'll tell you other prophets have been killed too."
Cole about prophets.[src]

Prophets are magical beings gifted with the rare power of premonition. They are often seen warning others of what they have foreseen, though they are often ignored due to people seeing them as disturbed homeless people.


One of these prophets, Mohammed, once invoked the Hand of Fatima to banish the demon Javna back to the Underworld.[1]

In 2001, the Brotherhood of the Thorn learned that some prophets might be on to their plans to take over most of the world's internet traffic. They sent several of their members to hunt down and kill prophets around San Francisco. One of these assassinations was witnessed by Phoebe Halliwell, who vanquished the demon responsible. Cole then revealed that the demon, Trigg, was his 'brother'.


A Prophet appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.


  1. This would indicate that at least some prophets are capable of casting spells.